When someone copy your idea. Public letter to the thief of your ideas

When someone copy your idea. Public letter to the thief of your ideas
When someone copies your idea does not bother you that means that what you do is good and that person does not have the capasidad to think for himself, if he does not give more publicity to your business, you copy your business does not know of the so always happens anger to failure because you are the one with the idea of creativity, which copy may not be better than you because you’re the one that I think the idea not because your siempres are creating something new for your business “Friend” thanks for copy my ideas and make my producer my best seguire marqeting doing more ideas for my production but remember I’m the one that you create, not you, you’re back just over my marqeting each idea I’ve created and you have stolen have given me more money because they have been successful thanks for stealing all my documents to make you my projects a reality remember that everything you stole is mine and therefore you’re just a copy and not the original each video copies and every story you tell me give me more publicity, your friend are not producer, reporter, cameraman less publicist everything that you do like my ideas are copy you are not Entrepreneur only are a vulgar thief who stayed with my documents leave my briefcase and your with your family stole to make my dream a reality today I am what I am because of my work and my desire to succeed not because they like you a swindler vulgar thanks the marqueting that you’ve done for my me an given fortune and success in my life, thief friend when you talk bad about me and my children only produces I earn more money from the marqueting that you do for me’m finishing another book about you and your misdeeds to your friend journalist and cameraman who ultilisas to discredit me in your small town where the mayor is your friend and journalists also “friend” I hope to see you soon in jail along with your friend to you do company by a long time and the prosecution of your country leave you calzones as you did destroying my life based traps vilification and lies you stole everything with your family, but I will not Avivamiento to say that God gave me everything I I do not steal work and seek my money with my ideas and not copying and stealing which can pastors who know you are you like you are the ambassador of them. © 201620160729_094105


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