Ambassador scammer

Unlike Jaime Torres Ortiz, seminarian fifty years deceived for three days Huila society which put his official car service and served up with the most beautiful girls in the class this highly colorful character keeps for several years their fantasies and lies.

He arrived arm Cielo Gonzalez and ennovió with the beautiful Angela Rojas, queen of regional beauty, who was opening his unthinkable doors of local power, no other interest than love, a young girl of 20 years and her lover 40, advantage and rake. The pleas of the family, devoted to Santa Marta, ominous finally ended the relationship.

From very humble beginnings, architect U. Pilot, frustrated singer, came to participate in a foreign series whose main hook was swinging. He had broken -of way noisily with his partner at the time.

The jogger metrosexual (competes with them for being the most beautiful in social networks) was brewing in high places and hand-from the pristine sky Gonzalez has been spoiled by Armando Ariza (Comfamiliar) and Pedro Hernán Suárez (Mayor Neiva), dumps her aid.

That walk walk did not fit and obtained a luxurious and flashy car, he took from a guy who could not revirarle because he defended himself before the justice of their own problems.

He is designing their huts: member of the Club Campestre (worth $ 12 million action), for which he suggested an exchange was made. The exchange also included a consumption (some lunches and liquor).


Edgar Artunduaga News Todelar radio, (Colombia )



Ambassador scammer

Ambassador scammer Frank Corredor (Colombia)

On the way he was leaving a trail of cheated and deceived. Some meekly accepted the tricks Corridor, seducer of men and women, snake charmer, custom advantageous king of “plug” and the gall. A Bernardo Pujana should return a significant, cowering figure to his sharp tongue, already demolished their little prestige.This tomfoolery seven soles, mocked (and to a lesser extent did the fake Indian Ambassador) of all members of the Club Campestre, who danced sanjuanero to earn him a Guinness record (the world’s largest folk dance ).

He became a good designer, pressed by the memory of their previous hardships and fascinated by the opita candor, sometimes verging on tontaina.

Unlike politicians, who cheat the poor, this Corridor fool the powerful in the region, some in jail as his friend and patron Armando Ariza. The mayor will follow your steps, Ariza Corridor not because it lacks salt.

As for our rich buffoon flatterer accomplished as will happen when the justice has slowly scrutinize their business with the Municipality of Neiva and Comfamiliar, among others.

Meanwhile, to continue the circus. Or rather, it reaches San Pedro.

By: Edgar Artunduaga.


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